Friday, 9 January 2009

Worms in the compost? -

Jan 06, 2009
Worms in the compost? So 2008.

Indoor composters have traditionally relied on worms to do the dirty work. The worms eat the organic matter —a single worm can eat up to its own body weight in food scraps every day—and convert it to usable fertilizer. But squirm no more, NatureMills has created an electric-powered composter. It's size and shape resembles a kitchen garbage can, and it fits easily in the kitchen, mudroom, garage, or on a deck. You simply drop the food scraps in and periodically, sprinkle the pile with a handful of carbon-rich material, such as peat or coir. The composter does the rest, controlling the heat and aeration to break down the food into usable compost within two weeks. You're left with nutritous soil for your flower bed, leaving the worms alone, in the garden.