Sunday, 6 June 2010

Mums who are Trying to Lose Weight Organic Baby Cotton Clothes

Having to go through the experience of loosing weight over the last month here are some great tips l have discovered along the way.

It is now winter and the mornings are much colder and to start off the day with a hearty breaky try cooked rolled oats with skim milk, use a sugarine to taste.

Followed by for morning tea fresh fruit salad, or hot home-made soup.

Enjoy your morning coffee.

Lunch gluten free past - for 125grams it is only 3 grams of fat!!! Serve with low fat sauce - a good one to buy is from OZganics - they are wonderful.

There is snacks to have inbetween if you are a big eater like me then enjoy some Ocean Tuna 125grams has only 0.5grams of fat. Delicious.

Dinner - well that is a little harder but lve managed to have grilled vegetables - no oil, add
fresh parsley served with a quality brown rice - it makes a huge difference and is delicious.

Have been on my diet for 3 and a half weeks and have lost 4kilos already.

Yes it has been difficult but counting fat is vital for success.

Will update you in another month - thanks so much everyone for your kind thoughts and support.

Pam - Organic Babe & Kids Wear