Thursday, 2 April 2009

Food Tips

Skip the Lunchtime Paper and Plastic - Use a Sandwich Wrap
by Cat LincolnApr 1st 2009 @ 12:22PMFiled under: Food, Tips
I always feel so good when I'm organized enough to make -- and bring -- my lunch. But the ziplock bag at the end, inside the plastic grocery store bag ... that part always feels bad. Because, plastic, like love and diamonds, is forever. So far I've made the switch to wrapping my sandwich in tinfoil (recyclable) or wax paper (compostable) in a brown paper bag (compostable) but there is a further green step I am checking out: the reusable sandwich wrap. Before someone comments that I can rinse out ziplock bags and use them again -- seriously, I've tried it, Not Going To Happen. Just, yuck. I'd rather give them up entirely.There are a few different kinds of resuable sandwich carriers, but they all are basically a piece of fabric with some kind of leak-proofing, that you can wrap around a sandwich and also use as a placemat. When you're done you wipe it clean, or wash and drip dry, then reuse! I like the Wrap-n-Mat because they're easy to clean, affordable (about $8 a pop) and come in lots of cute patterns. If you're supercrafty, you can even make your own -- I found these cool directions on CraftyStylish. She recommends a fabric that's backed with polyurethane laminated fabric. Just make sure you're not using anything with PVC -- that's the bad plastic because it has chlorine, hence the "C". Happy lunch time!
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