Sunday, 22 February 2009


Greener Living
Green Tips
Top banana
We all know that bananas are the ultimate in convenience food, they have their own protective, biodegrable skin. But did you know that before you put that skin on the compost you can give your leather shoes a good polish? Rub in gently then buff off with a soft cloth.
The key to a warm homeMake sure that your radiators are working at full capacity by 'bleeding' them. If your radiator feels cool at the top but warm at the bottom then dig out your key. Make sure your central heating is off and have to hand some rag cloth to catch any escaping water.
Easy Peasy Lemon SqueezyI was gifted with a brilliant green tip over the festive period. A lovely granny told me that she prevents throwing away lemon and limes when making drinks by preparing them first. She simply slices the fruit up and puts the slices in the freezer. Plus it helps keep your drink cool. Sparkling idea!
Fats no good
Do you end up with cups of fat drained off from your food sitting in your fridge or getting thrown out in the rubbish? I was shocked to find a huge bowl full in a friends house recently and realised that there is a green solution. Mix up your fats with left over bread (or the crusts from your morning toast) & seeds and leave to set in old yoghurt pots to make bird feed. Place a loop of string to hang in your garden.

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