Sunday, 23 March 2008

Eco-friendly cookware? one more thing to worry about.

I cannot keep up with all the ways modern life is poisoning and harming us...and the planet. But never fear, that's where all the green blogs in my blog roll come in. I learn something new to worry about every day!

Like today when, thanks to HippyShopper, I started thinking about cookware. They've pointed me to a line of eco-friendly cookware.

What are the things to consider when looking for cookware?

According to HippyShopper:

The 5-piece Marco Pierre White range, from Russell Hobbs and Green Pan uses Thermolon non-stick technology, a ceramic coating that never releases CO2 into the atmosphere when the pans are in use.
Going to the cookware web site I learn only slightly more about it:

-Thermolon uses significantly less CO2 (Up to 50%) less at the point of application than other non-stick

-Thermolon™ does not release Green House gases into the atmosphere

What I really want to know is: How big a problem is the release of green house gases from non-stick cookware?

Anybody have a resource?