Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Twitter Blog

Can you list 5 great things a small business can do to get
their website exposed.

We have a fantastic website : http://www.chocolatedownunder.com.au/
and went and did the right thing and through the recommendation
of our Bank Manager signed up on a 12 month SEO contract.

After 8 months we asked that we be allowed to get out of our contract
as we discovered that the word "chocolate" hadnt been used as a key

They said "you never gave us the word chocolate to use". This Company
is American based and Australian based and even gives seminars on how
to be number one.

Since then we have relied on google who we think are fantastic and
are trying to do as much as we can by blogging, etc.

If thousands of people had the opportunity of visiting our website we
know for certain it would be a raging success.

I mean I know so many people like us who are competing with large
chocolate companies and we want to "live our dream" as Oprah says
but sometimes you need a little help with exposure.

Any comments would be so welcome