Monday, 18 January 2010

Our Granddaughters First Blog

Organic Babe & Kids Wear
Organic Baby Cotton Clothes

Our Granddaughters First Blog - she is only 10 years old.

Organic babe takes of, as it becomes a world wide online shop now it has a rival that is willing to take all of Organic Babe’s business. Pam and Don need to buckle there seatbelts and get ready for the biggest roller coaster ride they’ve been on. The great terrific thing, is that they’re ready and all prepared to face on 100,00000 million customers per day. Just so you no there rival is Esprit one of the biggest ranges of kids clothing there is. Good luck to you both you. already taking off quite well in Australia now let’s see what magic you can spread to the rest of the world specifically America.

This is Chloe McLennan
Reporting in, in the past and reporting out right now: present

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